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Thoughts on the (non)sense of emigration to Russia and why the Kin´s Domain movement is often associated with the "Old Believers"

Again and again, I receive e-mails from people all over who write to me that they are enthusiastic about the Family Domain Movement in Russia and that they would like to emigrate there. It is often tempting to think that happiness lies in a country other than your own. But is it really the solution to emigrate to Russia instead of staying where you are? Of course, there is no general response, every life situation is specific with it´s own needs and requirements. But how do some people even come up with this idea of emigrating to the largest country on earth?

Russia is indeed in an enviable position. As a great power, it has become politically, economically and - one must say, by necessity - militarily able to defend its interests against the imperialistic USA. What country can claim that kind of self-determination? Russia recently also demonstrated in the Syrian conflict that it is able to intervene and assert itself in warlike conflicts in other countries. The Russian standard of living has increased dramatically in recent years, and prices for real estate and fuel are relatively low. Above all, however, Russia offers a huge habitat for acquiring cheap land for the creation of Kin´s Domain. Although the majority of the country lies in cold climates, there are now hundreds of settlement initiatives across Russia. The church in Russia has often deterred the public from the Kin´s Domain settlement movement by vilifying the Anastasia books of Vladimir Megre as sectarian. However, the vast majority of the readership can not be confused by this because the books represent a holistic and wholesome way of life for them.

With almost 400 settlements, Russia has the largest kin homestead movement in the world. However, if one expects a generally high ecological awareness and a life in harmony with nature, one can unfortunately be a bit disappointed. This can only be found occasionally in Russia. In the summers of 2015 and 2016, I visited settlements in Russia and observed that most people in these settlements still live quite urban. They drive regularly by car, buy a large part of their groceries in the supermarket, eat dairy products and buy their children all sorts of industrial sugar products. All this on top with a lot of plastic waste. Although most of the settlers have vegetarian, vegan or raw-food diets, in some settlements meat is also on the diet of some families. There are still quite a few women who wear traditional make-up (instead of natural cosmetics) and high-heeled shoes (instead of comfortable shoes) on ceremonial occasions. You can tell that most of the people have an urban background. In addition, many settlements contain houses built using common building materials such as cement / concrete / brick.
The profound concept of “Kin´s Domain” is still not understood or expressed by the great majority of the settlers. Most people use their land only as a countryside residence during summer, while staying in the city during winter. Often, the residents have not (yet) managed to create an easy life that is equal to the usual standard in the city. People who come from the city to visit a settlement sometimes have the impression that such a "hard" life is not for them. They do not want to give up their odorless toilet, their daily hot shower and other conveniences. In addition, the ethno-national movement of the "Old Believers", also known as "Rodnover", has a deterrent effect on some city dwellers. It is a right-wing religious grouping, which can be found sporadically in quite a few Kin´s Domain settlements. It was not until my second visit to Russia that I became aware of what the Rodnovers are all about. This religious movement existed long before the publication of the Anastasia Books. The Rodnovers, with their magical rituals as well as their ancestral and idol worship activities, are perceived rather negatively by many people within the Anastasia movement. In general society, the Rodnovers are viewed as a sect and unfortunately associated with the Kin´s Domain Movement. As a result, quite some people who have not read the Anastasia books yet, grew sceptical towards the books.

Ein Rodnover-Priester liest bei einer Platz-Einweihungs-Zeremonie in der Siedlung Vedrussia aus den schwarzen Büchern vor. Für diesen besonderen Anlass reisten dutzende Rodnover-Anhänger aus den umliegenden Regionen der Siedlung an. Foto: LOVE Productions
A Rodnover priest reads from the black books at a site initiation ceremony in the settlement of Vedrussia. For this special occasion, dozens of Rodnover followers from the surrounding regions of the settlement arrived. Photo: LOVE Productions
The Rodnovers account for only a small proportion within the Kin´s Domain movement, which might be in the single-digit percentage range. Nonetheless, this small proportion has had a rather negative impact on the impression that society has of the settlement movement. The Rodnover followers derive their basis for practicing their religion from the "black books", the so-called "Slavic-Aryan Vedas".*
Based on my visits to about 15 Kin´s Domain settlements in Russia, I roughly estimate that only about 10 to 20 percent of the settlement populations are Anastasia fans. Another 40 to 50 percent are likely to have read the books once, but seem to no longer care about it that much and seem to hardly integrate the knowledge of the books in their lives. 20 to 30 percent of the settlers have either not read the books or only read a small part of them. About 5 to 10 percent are Rodnovers, and an even smaller percentage are Hare Krishna followers. As I said, this is my estimation based on my experience, and this estimation is intended to serve only as an approximate guide. My impression is that exactly those 10 to 20 percent of the settlers, who take the contents of the Anastasia books to heart and implement the ideas and suggestions contained therein, seem to have the most beautiful kin homesteads after a few years. With them, I have perceived a special love and a particularly pleasant charisma, both of the people, as well as of their animals, plants and their family estate as a whole.

My friend Eduard, an inspired reader of Anastasia, lives with his wife and children on his Kin´s Domain in the settlement of Vedrussia in southern Russia. He sees the Rodnover movement very critically and feels it as a kind of occult sect. According to him, out of the several hundred inhabitants of Vedrussia only a few are Rodnover followers, but these are responsible for having negatively influenced the image of the entire settlement. That's why all settlers in the adjacent town would be associated with the Rodnover sect. Unfortunately, it often happens, instead of looking closely and differenciate, all people are “put in one pot”, as we say in Austria. At this point, I would like to clarify that I am not against the Rodnovers, because I see that they too have good intentions, and most of them live a much more nature-loving life than the average person. However, I find it problematic that their ideology or religion is mistakenly equated with the Anastasia or Kin´s Domain Movement, despite of their huge differences. Yes, there are similarities (appreciation of nature and creation), but nevertheless they fundamentally different from each other. Just one example to clarify the difference: Anastasia speaks of a common origin of humanity here on earth, and that all human beings are brothers and sisters. The Rodnovers, however, believe in a racial ideology, according to which there were the white race, the black race, the yellow race and the red race, which had come from different planets. According to the Rodnovers, these "races" should not mix. I think this example should make it clear that these are two completely different worldviews or ideologies. At this point, maybe someone wonders why the Anastasia fans do not clearly distance themselves from the Rodnovers. It is not my intention to explain this and would go beyond the scope of this, but I would like to mention briefly that they are actually doing it partly, just not (yet) vociferously enough.
In addition, in Russia´s countryside tolerance for the fellow human beings is quite large, they are less upset about what the neighbor does or does not do, and they accept the conditions more as they are.
In my opinion, there is still no Kin´s Domain settlement that really has an exemplary character for society. At least I have not come across it yet. And here, I think, we, Europeans come into play. We may not have such a sensible and benevolent government as Russia, perhaps we do not have such a thoughtful and intelligent president as Vladimir Putin (whoever believes Putin is the "evil" may want to check outside the mainstream media or speak to a few Russians!). Our power and strength, however, lies in our ability to create a pleasant and exemplary life in harmony with Mother Earth(as demonstrated through a multitude of eco-communities and ecological projects). We can now rise and take on our task! I think what it takes now is European Kin´s Domains that give highest expression to Anastasia's marvellous image of the future! Benefits such as the freedom of movement in the Schengen area, which is associated with the EU, could be used to acquire a farm or land where the laws are favorable for the establishment of a Kin´s Domain. Especially Eastern and Southern Europe offers a lot of potential. The more exemplary Kin´s Domains there are in Europe, the stronger will be the movement, which can ultimately ensure that national and European policies respond and create legal frameworks that will provide 1 ha of land for life to any family that so desires; with the right to pass this on to their own descendants. We are still a long way from that, but luckily one may dream…

Conclusion: Emigrating to Russia is only the best option for a small minority. For most Europeans and Non-Russians in the Kin´s Domain movement, probably the most beautiful and productive way to create their Space of Love is to create it in their home country or in a suitable country in Europe. Even if the political situation in Europe is still messed up; even if corporations and banks manipulate or even control governments. We, that is, each and every one of us who reads this, has the power to begin with himself and take steps to change the world for the better. Everyone can acquire a piece of land for himself and his family and create an exemplary paradise for himself, his fellow human beings and his descendants. In many years, it will probably not matter whether you live in Russia or in the rest of Europe, because the time will come when there will again be a continent with a shared culture of awareness, from Lisbon to Vladivostok. The Kin´s Domain movement will eventually unite the world as one. Let us enjoy the journey!

Written by Stefan Veda

* When referring to "Slavic-Aryan vedas" or "black books" referred to in this context, they mean texts by Alexander Hinewitsch. Hinewitsch spreads the myth that shortly before the year 2000, unknown persons had received secret 40,000-year-old "vedic texts" and had been taken to places where he could see them. He claims that the original texts left to him were engraved on gold plates or drawn on tree bark or papyrus scrolls. Legend says that the texts were kept in secret places in caves by so-called guardians ("saints of ancient wisdom"). The originals were written in "multi-dimensional" runic writing (according to legend h'Arische Runnika / Karune), which were only readable by initiated priests. Outsiders are inaccessible to the originals , which has led to criticism in circles of followers and has challenged credibility. Hinevich claims to translate these texts into Russian since the alleged receipt. His "Slavic-Aryan vedas" appeared as a "black book" but only in 2006. Components of the intended script should be an older fictional "Holy Scripture of the Book of Veles" and a translation of the Icelandic Ynglingasaga. Critics even speak in this context of plagiarism, as parts of the texts were copied. Several other points that speak against the authenticity of the documents are mentioned in Russian in detail in a Russian Wikipedia article . In 2009, both Hinewitsch and his organization were investigated by the Russian Public Prosecutor for "religious extremism". In 2014 Hinewitsch was again charged in Russia. The charge is for incitement to ethnic and religious hatred.

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    very thought-provoking film similar to Zeitgeist, but even better !

    i tried to approach iveta many years ago, she even lives at the eastern edge of holland but she never replied (that's not unusual for my efforts)

    paetamo = therefore
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    fuck off with your dark curmudgeonly noergler notion of statehood and statecraft, which is, for your information (be well wary now, i'm gonna spring something totally unfamiliar and suprisingly opposite to the notion expressed here, on you), a voluntarizing art ... but i have yet to inform the first goldbug about the true nature of gold so i'm not holding my breath till you thank me for the other half of that story.
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