Dienstag, 25. September 2018

Declaration of intent for our perpetual Kin´s Domain!

We, Stefan from Austria and Vana from Taiwan, have been inspired by the book series "The Ringing Cedars of Russia". The core idea of the book series is to establish a perpetual Kin´s Domain for one´s family and it is precisely this idea, that has inspired us to take action and become active.

Painting of a Kin´s Domain
A Kin´s Domain is the dwelling land of a family and it is approximately 1 hectare in size. This land is surrounded by a living fence consisting of trees and bushes. It contains a cozy bright house, an orchard, a pond with pure water, as well as a forest and a garden. It also may contain designated spaces for animals, which are part of the family. Ideally, everything on the land is created with love and in harmony with nature.

The purpose of a Kin´s Domain is to restore and increase love and health in one´s family and to preserve this love in perpetuity. The land supports what family members need, both physically and mentally. The land will be passed on from one generation to the next, each generation making the domain ever more beautiful and perfect.

We are currently in the process of finding a region we both like, where we will acquire a big enough land to create our own Kin´s Domain. It shall become a highly self-sufficient habitat, as well as a "Space of Love", filled with loving thoughts and feelings.

On our Kin´s Domain, we will work on perfecting the dwelling land in the most holistic way, for ourselves and our descendants. We will create our domain in honor of our wise ancestors. We will continue to consume mindfully, aiming for minimalism and zero waste and will continue to deepen our practice of compassionate ethical living (vegan lifestyle). Our Space of Love shall increase the good on Earth, so the world becomes a little better, for each and everyone with whom we share this planet.

We would like to invite like-minded people to settle on the land around us. We are following a trend that is already spread out widely in Russia and Eastern Europe, which together have already more than 500 Kin Domain settlements. In several regions of Russia, the idea of ​​Kin Domain settlements already receives governmental support.

We recognize the existing legal system and want to work constructively WITH current politicians and leaders, for a positive change in society and for the benefit of all people and fellow creatures! We are certain that the right path forward is through mutual cooperation.

We want to take action, so that all people realize, that it is their fundamental right to have a piece of homeland! Upon request, each family shall be granted one hectare of land, lifelong and free of charge, for the purpose of establishing their Kin´s Domain! This land may not be taxed or sold, but may be inherited.

We are convinced, just as the Anastasia book series affirms, that humanity is ONE family and we are all brothers and sisters! Accordingly, we can certainly only advocate a path that leads to love and unity between all people!

We are certain, the more families live on their own Kin´s Domain and turn it into a heavenly oasis, the greater becomes the chance for global peace and prosperity for all!

May success and inspiration be with us and all like-minded people, who are finding and starting their own Kin´s Domain. May we all succeed in the creative construction of beautiful living spaces for our families, in all countries all over the world! May there be happy co-creation and joy for all!

Written by Stefan and Vana Veda, L.O.V.E. Productions, September 2018